eagle creek appraisal & Intermediary services

The Below List Offers a Partial Listing of Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Assignments

Assignments in
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah,
Montana, Arizona and Nebraska 

  • $3.2 Million Food Processing Company for Partner Buy-Out Agreement in Idaho
  • Multiple Company Asset Appraisal for Litigation Settlement in Idaho
  • $3.9 Million Business Asset Appraisal for Estate Settlement Valuation in Idaho
  • $1.3 Million Commercial Bank Financing Project - Animal Nutritional Manufacturer in Idaho
  • $800K SBA Bank Financing Project  for business sale transaction in Idaho
  • Family Estate Settlement with Machinery, Equipment, and Personal Assets in Idaho
  • Construction Firm Asset Appraisal for Litigation Settlement in Idaho
  • $5 Million Construction Company for Commercial Bank Financing Project in Idaho
  • $2.3 Million Bank Financing Project for Company ESOP Plan in Idaho
  • $3.7 Million Bank SBA Financing Project – Construction Co. in Oregon
  • $1.2 Million SBA Financing Project for Partnership Buy-Out – Food Distribution Co. in Idaho
  • $400K Commercial Financing Project for Manufacturing Company in Idaho
  • SBA 504 Lending Project for Dental Practice Merger and Expansion in Idaho
  • $5.4 Million Contract Farming Operation in Idaho and Arizona
  • $1.5 Million 100+ Room Multi-Location Medical Clinic for Partnership Valuation in Idaho
  • Newspaper and Food Manufacturer for Bank Refinancing Projects in Idaho
  • Dental Practice for Litigation Settlement in Idaho
  • $1.2 Million Trucking Firm for Commercial Banking Purposes in Washington
  • $2.5 Million General Construction Company for Commercial Banking Purposes in Montana
  • SBA 504 Lending Project for a Clinical Ophthalmologist in Idaho
  • Multiple Dairy Operations (3) for Year-End Estate Valuation Transfer in Idaho
  • $2.1 Million Specialty Coach Transportation Company for Commercial Finance Purposes in Idaho and Utah
  • Food Processing Operations (2) for Year-End Estate Valuation and Commercial Financing Purposes in Idaho
  • $2.6 Million Farming Operations for Commercial Banking Purposes in Idaho
  • $1.4 Million Specialty Manufacturing / Processing Operation for commercial Banking Purposes in Washington
  • Water Association Irrigation Water System Upgrade for Bank and USDA Financing Project in Idaho
  • Dual Entity Operations for Estate Settlement and Potential Partnership Buyout in Idaho
  • Landscape Company for Business Ownership Buyout in Idaho
  • Farming Operations for Partnership Litigation in Idaho
  • Bank Loan Project for Major Farming Operations in Nebraska
  • Small Manufacturing Operation for Bank Assisted Ownership Transfer in Idaho
  • Bank financing Project for Microbrewery Expansion Project in Idaho
  • $1.5 Million Airport Flying Service for lending purposes in Idaho
  • Bank Re-Finance Project for Farming Manufacturing Operation in Idaho
  • $16 Million Multiple Location Oil and Transportation Company in Idaho