The Business Transfer or Selling Process 

The following is the basic process utilized by Eagle Creek partners in providing Intermediary Services to assist in the Transfer or Sale of an ongoing business .  We understand each business is unique and we encourage a confidential face-to-face meeting with one of our Licensed Staff to discuss your individual needs.


We offer a no cost, no obligation and confidential consultation at your business or our offices to discuss in deal the transition process and expectations.  Only if you feel our licensed professionals will meet your needs will we move to the next step involving a detailed analysis of the financial and tax information.

Market Pricing Analysis

 We will request financial and tax return documents in order to provide a Market Pricing Analysis for your business and present it you along with a discussion regarding the process going forward if necessary.  Again there are no costs or obligations and the report is yours to keep.  All financial information will remain confidential and originals returned.

Marketing Agreement

Based on the Consultation, the Market Pricing Analysis and discussions that meet your expectations you have the option to retain us to represent you and market your business.   We will prepare a Marketing Agreement identifying the listing price, terms of the agreement and fees.  Our compensation is success fee based collected at the closing of a successful transaction.


With an executed Marketing Agreement we will work with the Seller to determine a marketing strategy.  Business sales are unique in that we understand the need for confidentially.  Customers, vendors and employees are critical to the ongoing success of the business and we will work with you minimize any affects on the business. 

Confidential Business Review 

We will create a Confidential Business Review package for your business.  This document will assist potential buyers, their business advisors, accountants, attorneys and bankers to begin the due diligence and financing process.   The Review package is only available to potential buyers who have met with a licensed Eagle Creek professional and have signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

We will make every effort to locate and work with potential buyers.  We assist with due diligence, financing options, documentation, legal and accounting professionals and title companies.   Our goal is win-win transaction for all parties.  We are highly motivated as your success is our success.  If you would like more information regarding the business transition process we would like to meet with you.