USPAP Compliant Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

A CMEA Certified Appraiser Complies with 4 Strict Criteria to Assure the Public Trust and Perform at the Highest Ethical Excellence  

Ethical Obligations

Eagle Creek partners are Certified CMEA's and accredited members of the NEBB Institute who have adopted the ethics and regulations of the Uniformed Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP)  USPAP is the recognized authoritative source for appraisals world wide.  CMEA's are recognized for their knowledge and adherence to USPAP standards and are under strick confidentiality provisions.  A CMEA is prohibited from revealing the client name associated with any values obtained through appraisal efforts to anyone other than the client or identified intended user(s).  In no uncertain terms share a CMEA be engaged in an engagement which provides compensation in the form of payment based on a percentage of the final value estimate.  A CMEA's Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal is government compliant and withstands scrutiny.

Advocacy Only of the Appraisal

A USPAP Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal is intended to withstand the scrutiny of Lenders, Attorneys, Buyers, Sellers, CPA's, IRS, Government Agencies and the courts.  A CMEA's Certified Appraisal Report provides an accurate descriptive analysis backed by photographs, model and serial numbers when available and Current Fair Market Value in Continued Use and/or additional values as determined by the client or intended user(s).   Values are based on appraisal methodologies, research, personal inspection and if necessary original equipment manufacturers and/or suppliers to determine new or current value. 


A CMEA has been certified by The NEBB Institute, has completed the required hours and courses, tested, completed and submitted the required pre-certified reports and have periodic peer review.

A Defensible Appraisal 

An NEBB Institute CMEA upholds the regulations and ethics of the Uniformed Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice promulgated by Congress and the Appraisal Foundation.  A USPAP compliant report will provide the public with an irrefutable, substanctiated and defensible assignment of value. 


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